About me


- Expert (12 years) experience with Valve’s Hammer Editor (and Source SDK)

- Expert experience with Photoshop

- Basic experience with 3D Animation using Autodesk 3DS Max

- Basic/Intermediate experience with music composition programs such as FL Studio


Thanks for dropping by my Portfolio! My name is Nathan Ybanez. I am a 27 year old college student from CA, USA. I am currently working towards achieving my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. I have extensive knowledge of Level Design and over 12 years of experience with Valve Hammer Editor. I  like to compose music sometimes in my off-time and animate as well.

I began designing levels at the very young age of 8. The year was 1998. Valve had just released its groundbreaking title, Half-Life which revolutionized the world of first person shooters. I used to watch my father play and after he beat the game, he let me try it on my own. The amount of immersion was incredible, and it quickly became one of my most cherished experiences. After I completed the game, I began to explore some of the modifications that shipped on the disk. Game of the Year copies of Half-Life had extra goodies on the CD that users could explore, including completely new and refreshing adventures created by third party artists. After playing several of these mods, I began wondering how it were possible for people to create their own expansions to the game.

I ended up stumbling on a copy of Valve Hammer Editor, then named WorldCraft, on the HL disk.

I ultimately taught myself how to use the tools over the years and since then have been making maps for various games and mods, including Sven Co-op, Cry of Fear, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic.

After Valve released Half-Life 2, I began to work with the Source SDK tools and made levels for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Portal 2.

One of the things I love most about level design is that it gives me an opportunity to express myself in a creative way. Level design is my passion and I hope to someday make it my profession!

Thanks for reading!


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