All tracks are composed with FL Studio 10.

Fatal Freight Main Theme

This track is taken from the soundtrack of my Left 4 Dead 2 custom campaign Fatal Freight.

Cold Sweat

This song was meant to be used in my Cry of Fear map series, Simon’s Book the Chronicles. It has a tone meant to symbolize drowning and smothering.


Another song from Simon’s Book: The Chronicles. This song was to be played during the forest sections of the game.


Yet another song from Simon’s Book: The Chronicles. This was my favorite composition to create. The song features very faint scratching and clanging in the background meant to symbolize a “force within” the mind of the character. It is used in the underground tunnel and sewer portions of the game.

This song was also featured as the main theme in a Unity-based game titled, UnExit. Check out the game here!


A miscellaneous track I made in my free time. I wanted to create a track that had an urgency to it. This would be used in situations where the player needed to make a decision very quickly, or face an uncertain death. This track is strongly inspired by Silent Hill.