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Team Serenity Mods

Brandon “bXmMusic” McKagan – Lead Mapping & Sound Design / Storywriting

Nathan “Volcomator” Ybanez – Mapping / Storywriting

Niels “Perdyfurst” F. – Programming

Jacob “Wfls” Shettler – Mapping


Inquietude is a psychological horror mod for Half-Life 2 being actively worked on by myself and Brandon “bXmMusic” McKagan. The game takes place in the Strain Forest during a series of abductions known as the “Paper Flowers  Abductions” (based on real life events). Inquietude will feature a gripping psychological horror experience and a plot that will always keep the player guessing. Nothing is for certain in Inquietude, and the only way to find the answers you seek are to venture out into the darkness. But what lies in the depths beyond?

Below are publicly released images of levels I have worked on for the mod:


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