Subway – Source 2006

Subway – Source 2006

Subway is a Hostage Rescue map for Counter-Strike: Source that I made in 2006. It was one of my first maps on the Source Engine.


Being a quite amateur mapper at the time, the map lacks a fair amount of detail but it still served a good purpose. Subway is based around an old closed-down metro that the Terrorist faction has taken over. Counter-Terrorists simply need to infiltrate and extract the hostages to win.

There are many flank points in this map, most of them coming from the large sewer tunnels that run under the map. I always liked to see maps that had alternate pathways, such as those in Nuke. Having many pathways around the map also allowed for a sneaky Counter-Terrorist to extract the hostages and avoid the Terrorists completely.

Most of this map was darkened to encourage the usage of Nightvision, which I always felt never had a justified usage in Counter-Strike.

Following the release of the map, it scored an 8/10 on GameBanana and currently has over 1,500 downloads.


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