Ragemap 2012 – GoldSource 2012

Ragemap 2012 – GoldSource 2012

This was a collaboration between 10-15 mappers on the Sven Co-op Message Forums. As with Cry of Fear: Memories, it was meant to be a completely random and enjoyable experience. Each mapper only had an hour to work on their part, and after the last person was done, the maps were placed one after another in a series.

My part consisted of a small platforming segment, reminiscent of games like Super Mario.

ragemap2012_2 ragemap2012_1







The idea was to use the moving square platforms to reach the end, while avoiding the beams that were placed along the way. Some beams were placed higher than others and required you to duck under them, whilst others were lower and could be cleared by simply jumping. If you fell into the water, you were transported to the start and had to try again. There were no limits to how many times a single player could attempt the jumps. Once a single player made it to the end, a shortcut was opened so that the remaining players could bypass the puzzle if they desired.

Below are a collection of screenshots from the entire series, not all the screenshots represent my own work.


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Sven Co-op Message Forums: http://forums.svencoop.com/showthread.php?t=40263

Sven Co-op Map Database: http://scmapdb.com/map:ragemap-2012