Memories – GoldSource 2012

Memories – GoldSource 2012

NOTE: This entry is part of a larger collection of maps. One or more of the maps are a remake of works created by another author. I do not take credit for the original works whatsoever, only the remade work. Permission was granted from the author to recreate the original work(s).

This was part of a collaboration effort between 9 mappers on the Cry of Fear forums, including the game’s creator, ruMpel. Each mapper was tasked with making their own level which would become part of a larger series. The levels themselves did not have to match up and were generally placed one after another. This allowed for the gameplay to be very dynamic and randomized. The objective of the collaboration was to promote the Cry of Fear community and showcase some of the customization aspects of the mod.


I created the 8th chapter of this campaign over a course of about 2 weeks. I got the idea for it after I played one of ruMpel’s older mods, Afraid of Monsters: Director’s Cut. Afraid of Monsters was acclaimed as one of the greatest Half-Life 1 horror mods of all time with Cry of Fear being it’s successor. I thought it would be an interesting plot twist to mix these two games together.

In my collaboration entry, Simon takes the same prescription drugs that are seen in the Afraid of Monsters storyline and finds himself hallucinating that he is playing Afraid of Monsters himself. The player takes control of Simon in a completely (graphically) re-done hospital level from the original AoM:DC. The objective with this short remake was to incite nostalgia, whilst giving it a new perspective. I generally did not change many areas of the hospital however a fair amount of detail was added, such as the cityscape surrounding the playable areas of the map. There are also a few extra scares in my version that were not in the original.

Following release, the entire series was added into the game, and is now included as a stock release with Cry of Fear. There are several videos showcasing player experiences throughout the campaign on YouTube.

While this entry is one of 9, the images below show only my entry into the collaboration.


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