Casbah 3 – Source 2009

Casbah 3 – Source 2009

Casbah is a Capture the Flag map for Team Fortress 2 that I made in 2009. This is a recreation of a Valve level from Team Fortress Classic. The intention of the map is to bring a visual uplift to Casbah, whilst keeping the layout and design elements that made the original map fun.


In general, Team Fortress 2 centers its theme mostly around industrial and farm areas. I wanted to take a step back from this norm with Casbah3 and try a completely new and refreshing theme. I chose the ocean theme because I felt that there were not enough maps that effectively utilized the element of water.

Whilst the premise of this map is simply a remake, I also aimed to make it more suitable for the gameplay style of Team Fortress 2. Many of the game’s internal mechanics had changed, and certain areas of the old map were otherwise incompatible with newer styles of play. Certain classes also had a distinct advantage, which I aimed to balance in my recreation. For example, the original Casbah featured various buildings along it’s main chokepoint that players could hide in and use to flank. A byproduct of this however, was that the main travel lane was very long and narrow, allowing a good Sniper to easily lock the area down. In Casbah3, I made this area much more open. Not only does this allow for more dynamic gameplay (players now have more than 1 way to access the upper areas), but it also makes the area much harder to control by a single person. The building in the original map was changed to a series of catwalks along the outside of a much smaller building. This openness created an interesting vertical space in the main travel lane of the map.

The map was received generally well following release. It scored a 9/10 on GameBanana and currently has over 1,000 downloads.









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