Freightyard – Source 2008

Freightyard – Source 2008

Freightyard is a small 3 Control Point map I made for Team Fortress 2 in 2008. The map takes place in a small canyon and features gameplay balanced for a small team of about 8 players. One of the main features of the map though, are the two trains that pass through major choke areas attempting to painfully squish unsuspecting players.


I spent about 3-4 months making this map.

There are many flank points in Freightyard, which serve to make it difficult to capture the control points safely. The middle control point is located in an empty warehouse with several entryways, whereas the Blue and Red team’s control points are located near their respawn room. I designed the flank points this way because I wanted the map to have a very “loose” feeling. There are no definite defense spots in this map, and most rooms have various entrances. With 5 to 6 entryways into an area, the tide of battle can change very quickly, and players will find themselves needing to push together in order to assault a control point.


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