Manhunt – GoldSource 2013

Manhunt – GoldSource 2013

This was part of a collaboration effort between 9 mappers on the Cry of Fear forums, including the game’s creator, ruMpel. Each mapper was tasked with making their own level which would become part of a larger series. Unlike Memories, this campaign was a much more organized collaboration, where each mapper had a specific part of the campaign to create that followed a specific theme and story.


My task in this collaboration involved creating the very first maps in the series. It proved to be a bit tricky because I wanted the players to feel a slow transition into the gameplay, rather than suddenly “throwing them in”. Lots of care was taken to ensure that the maps were not too hectic but still maintained the lonely and desolate atmosphere that is part of Cry of Fear. I also wanted to make sure that the maps were visually appealing as they were to be the first ones that would be played.

By default, co-op levels in Cry of Fear require the players to be present at the exit of the level in order to transition to the next part of the series. In my maps however, I decided to change this by adding a key which first had to be found. With this system, players have to unlock the exit door first. This requires players to solve the puzzles in the map the way they were intended to be done in order to obtain the key for they are not be able to transition to the next level without it. During beta testing, this proved to deter players from “rushing” through the maps in order to reach the end.

Following the release, the campaign was shipped as an update to the Standalone edition of Cry of Fear, which is now available for free on the Steam platform. Check it out!

NOTE: The images below only represent my own contributions to the campaign. If you’d like to view the rest of the campaign, check out the Cry of Fear Forums thread (link is below) or play the campaign in game!


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