Pigskin – Source 2007

Pigskin – Source 2007

Pigskin was a map I made for Fortress Forever in 2007. It pits the Red and Blue team against each other in a game of classic football, or maybe not so classic? This map is a recreation of an older Team Fortress Classic map also titled Pigskin.

Each team spawns at their endzone, with a single ball placed at the center of the field. Teams can score by grabbing the ball and running into the enemy team’s endzone (6 points), or kicking the extra point (7 points). The extra point is kicked by jumping on the marked X’s in front of each team’s goalpost. The player who jumps onto the X is launched up into the air. If he/she makes it through the goal post, the extra point is scored, giving that team 7 points for the play.

Bringing the ball to your own endzone results in a Safety, which gives the enemy team two points. There are no point penalties for running out of bounds.

There are two versions of this map, day and night.


Pigskin was one of my favorite maps in TFC and after seeing maps such as Murderball ported to Fortress Forever, I decided try my hand at a port. When I was gathering ideas for the stadium in Pigskin, I googled images of football stadiums and I quickly settled on Heinz Field, which is the home field of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Having actually been to the stadium personally, it seemed like a good basis for the design of the map.

All of the gameplay mechanics in the remade version of the map are the same as the original. The only elements of the map that have been changed are the visual elements. The bleachers area on each side of the field have been changed to an actual set of stadium bleachers that run all the way from one side to the other. There are also multiple floors of bleachers and a jumbotron to simulate a “gameday” feel.

In the final version of the map, supply bags were placed at the mid edges of the field, allowing players to resupply mid-combat. The prospect was dangerous though, for a player holding the ball could be easily pushed out of bounds. This would result in the end of the play and the ball being reset to the center of the field with no point gain from either team.

Shortly after release, Pigskin was included in an official Community Release Map Pack put together by the Fortress Forever developers. The pack is available for download on the mod’s website.


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Pigskin (Night)

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Pigskin (Day)

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